Celebrating 53 years of business!

Our History



Rental Ranch is an independently owned family business founded in 1966 by Melvin and Opal Redburn as a franchise under the name United Rent-All. Originally it was only equipment rental with everything from sewer snakes and tools to hospital beds and china. The Redburn’s purchased the franchise in the early 1970’s and changed the name to Rental Ranch.

Now in the second generation of ownership by Mel Redburn and his wife Cathy, we still rent a lot of homeowner “do-it-yourself”, lawn maintenance and light contractor equipment as well as sales, service and parts for outdoor power equipment such as lawn mowers, weed trimmers, chain saws, and many other types of two-cycle and small engine equipment.

Mel began at the Rental Ranch at the age of twelve helping out on the weekends and after school. He learned to do a little of everything. In the summers when most kids were playing baseball, Mel was tinkering with engines, picking up mechanical tips from the “older” guys.

By the time Mel was in high school he was planning equipment purchases and getting involved in business management. Always fond of the engine and equipment side of the business, he started repairing equipment for customers, and that led to the addition of lawn mower sales and parts. Soon after he added the Stihl line of hand-held power equipment including chain saws, weed trimmers, leaf blowers and more. Mel took over ownership from his father in the mid 1980’s.

Doing business with a locally owned company gives you access to the owner. Mel is at the Rental Ranch more often than not, and is happy to meet with and listen to the needs of our customers.