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Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

lawn-mower-maintenanceRegular maintenance will keep your lawn mower working at its best and your lawn looking great for years to come. At Rental Ranch, we recommend a full service each spring and basic maintenance in the fall for both riding and push mowers.

:::Annual Spring Mower Maintenance:::

Change the Oil

Regular oil, oil filter and fuel filter changes will help your mower run smoothly and prevent costly repairs. Check your user manual for recommendations. Most mowers recommend oil changes every 25 hours, which roughly translates to once a year.

Clean Out the Mower Deck

Keep debris from building up and causing problems by using a putty knife and a wire brush to scrape off caked-on mud and grass. If you do this again at the end of the mowing season, your mower will be clean and ready to go in the spring.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

Cleaning or replacing the air filter on your lawn mower allows the engine to operate more efficiently. A paper accordian-style air filter can be removed and blown out with an air compressor. If the filter is still clogged after blowing it out, you’ll need to replace it. If your mower has a foam filter, wash it with water and a little dish soap. Let it dry before reinstalling.

Change the Spark Plug

Replacing a spark plug is one of the easiest tasks of lawnmower maintenance. Remove the spark plug with a ratcheting socket driver and spark plug socket. Then, clean around the area and install the new spark plug.

Sharpen the Blades

Sharpen your mower blade before the first cutting of the season. If you don’t cut with a sharp blade, you’ll tear the grass, leaving brown tips on the ends of the blades. Read our blog post on mower blade sharpening for details on how to do it yourself, or you can replace the blade or have it professionally sharpened. Be sure to check the blade about once a month during mowing season to see if it’s getting dull.

Inspect Discharge Chute for Damage or Holes

The discharge chute prevents your mower from throwing rocks or other debris, which is dangerous for whoever’s operating the mower and anyone nearby. A damaged discharge chute should be professionally repaired or replaced.

:::Fall Mower Maintenance:::

Before storing your lawn mower for the winter, it’s a good idea to clean out from underneath the mower deck and drain the fuel. This is also a good time to make sure your mower blade is sharp and ready for spring.

If you need help with lawn mower maintenance or repair in the Wichita area, Rental Ranch has skilled technicians who can service all makes and models of riding and push mowers.