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Why Lawn Equipment Winterization is Important


We rarely think of lawn care in the winter time, but taking a few steps now to prepare your lawn equipment for cold weather will ensure that come spring, your mowers, trimmers, chain saws and edgers will be ready for a long season of work.

Why Should I Winterize my Lawn Equipment?

For three months every year, your outdoor power equipment will be sitting idle in a garage or storage shed. Like with any gas-powered engine, cold weather and lack of use can cause unwanted problems.

Simple maintenance and fine tune-ups before storage will maximize the life of your lawn equipment and help prevent engine failure. Keeping the equipment clean ensures it’s ready when you need it. And, regular service may be required to keep the warranty intact. Take good care of your tools and your tools will take good care of you!

What is Included in a Winterization Service?

  1. Fuel will either be stabilized or drained from the equipment. To stabilize the fuel, the gas tank is filled with gasoline and the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer is added to the tank. This helps prevent fuel deterioration and the formation of gunk in the tank that can clog the fuel system. Next, the engine is run for five minutes to circulate the fuel additive throughout the fuel lines and the carburetor. To drain the fuel system, the gasoline is emptied into a gas can. Once it’s empty, the engine is primed and started, and the motor is run until all of the fuel has left the carburetor and fuel lines.
  2. Draining the oil is another important step in the winterization process. When oil is left to sit over a long period of time, it can become sludgy, making the engine work harder.
  3. Equipment is inspected for broken, missing or worn parts, including gas cap o-rings and any missing nuts or bolts. An inspection is also performed to look for dings and dents that could affect performance.
  4. The fuel filter is changed. This helps prevent hard starts, poor fuel economy, and carburetor wear.
  5. Spark plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture that gets the engine started. These get dirty with repeated use and need to be cleaned. If the spark plug is too dirty, it will be replaced.
  6. Mower blades are inspected and sharpened if needed. Dull blades can leave unsightly lines in the grass and prevent a sharp cut that can damage your lawn.
  7. All equipment is cleaned with a brush and some degreaser can get rid of dirt, grass, grime or rust.

Which Lawn Tools Should be Winterized?

Winterization needs to be performed on motorized lawn equipment such as, but not limited to:

  1. Push lawn mowers
  2. Riding lawn mowers
  3. Chainsaws
  4. Weed trimmers
  5. Leaf blowers
  6. Lawn edgers

Winterization Special

From November 2016 through January 2017, get FREE pickup and delivery ($50 value) with every winterization service! That means you don’t have to worry about fitting your riding mower in the back of your car - we’ll take care of everything. We offer full service for most types of lawn and garden equipment, including mowers, chain saws, trimmers, leaf blowers, and our technicians are STIHL-certified. Call Rental Ranch today at 316-838-4211 to schedule your service.